Are you looking for something special and personal?


Are you looking for a piece of fine jewelry for someone special in your life but not finding a selection distinctive enough for your unique style?

Are you concerned you will see that exact piece of jewelry not only on your special someones hand but the hand of three other people? At Neil Alan Fine Jewelry we want to introduce you to the inspiring world that is custom jewelry. Our skilled jewelers take a simple dream or idea and transform it into one of a kind personalized jewelry, destined to become a family heirloom.

If you can dream it, we can build it!
NEIL alan FINE Jewelry

Better-Built Jewelry

Cost is the number one concern when someone is entertaining the idea of custom or personalized jewelry. So let me say this, yes it can be more expensive than buying a stock piece but let us give a brief explanation why. To answer simply you are getting a better built, heavier in weight piece of jewelry. 

Custom jewelry design will not be hollowed out, giving the jewelry a longer lasting wearable life. It will hold up better to the daily bumps and bangs that come from wearing one’s jewelry and an added bonus, it is a unique piece designed by you.

The Personal Touch

One aspect of custom jewelry we love is the personal touches a customer can put into their piece. For example: You have grandmothers wedding ring and want to use the diamonds in your custom jewelry design. Did you know, not only can you use her stones but you can also re-use her gold? You can insert initials in the scroll work on the sides, hide a signature diamond somewhere in the band, the possibilities are honestly endless. Here at Neil Alan Fine Jewelry you can rest assured your family heirloom will never leave the store. With our onsite bench jeweler we assure the safety of your jewelry, so no need to worry about the horror stories of stones being switched or lost while being shipped to out sourced repair centers.

Conclusion. Although custom jewelry is more expensive the minimal increase certainly has long standing and personal value that cannot be measured monetarily.

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