• Tennis bracelet • flexible wrist band with clasp and a row of diamonds set in gold, silver or platinum.
  • Precious gemstone bracelet • sapphires, rubies, emeralds, diamonds and other precious gemstones come singly or in groups making the gemstone bracelet an integral component of any fine jewelry wardrobe.
  • precious stones bracelet

  • Pearl bracelet • must have accessory that stands alone as a signature piece or blends well with others. Available in both natural or cultured pearls.
  • Charm bracelet • wrist size chain made from sterling silver, gold or stainless steel. You customize by adding special, personally significant dangling charms to the bracelet.
  • charm bracelet

  • Bangle bracelet • rigid rings that slip over the hand to the wrist. Usually worn in multiples. Versatile and often less expensive. Can be crafted from multiple materials.
  • Cuff bracelet • wide, statement pieces can be simple or quite elaborate. Has an opening that allows it to slide over the hand unlike the bangle yet hug the wrist more snugly once in place.
  • Medical ID bracelet • convey critical information to first responders should the wearer be unconscious.

For centuries people have used jewelry as a symbol of their wealth and one of the first jewelry designs was the bracelet. Need the perfect gift for someone in your life? Looking for something unique? At Neil Alan Fine Jewelry we offer a wide selection of bracelets in all styles.


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